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Editorial review

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 2.0
MozyHome is a powerful application that provides an online service for backing up our valuable data. This free program enables us to back up up to 2GB of any data that we consider relevant and wish to preserve from accidental damage.
Although this program selects the data automatically, we can choose the exact files that we wish to back up. We cannot use this program to back up data directly from a memory card, CD/DVD disk, USB stick, etc., as this utility can only back up files that are stored on our local hard drives. We need to import those files to our hard drive before proceeding to back them up.

This program provides a backup service and not a storage one, that is to say, if we delete any file from our computer and want to recover it, we have up to 30 days to do so. It is possible to recover our backup data from another computer or location; we only need to enter our previously registered e-mail address and password to access this service.

This program is very easy to handle. It is recommended to have a broadband and continuous Internet connection because the first backup takes a long, long time. There are two other editions: a registered version for personal usage, and a professional version, both of which provide unlimited backup space.


  • Free 2GB storage.
  • Smart GUI.


  • The first backup takes too much time.
  • We have only 30 days to recover our data after we have deleted it from our computer.
  • Free registration required.

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